Prehab: Recover Quicker With Therapy Before Surgery

Your joint replacement surgery is scheduled - maybe it's a hip or knee. You’ve met with doctors and surgeons, read about what to expect, and talked to others who've been there. But questions linger: Will you bounce back quickly, or will you struggle to get on your feet again?

To improve the odds of a quick recovery, enlist the expertise of our physical or occupational therapists and do some Prehab before your surgery.

Estimates show that 50% of a successful outcome to joint surgery is due to the surgeon, and the other 50% is a patient’s commitment to recovery, starting with pre-operative exercise, or Prehab.

Traditional rehabilitation therapy is a program per-formed for up to three months after surgery, and most joint-replacement patients know to expect it.

Prehab is an occupational or physical therapy program started at least six weeks before surgery. It’s a new concept, and widely becoming a key to faster recovery following surgery.

Orthopedic surgeons praise the benefits of Prehab because they know the difference it makes in their patients' outcomes, noting that many are walking sooner and returning to an active lifestyle faster.

Article: How therapy before surgery can speed recovery

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