Inpatient Rehab Therapy 

Most of our outpatient rehab facilities have exclusive short term rehab wings with comfortable private rooms and bathrooms. If you ​or your doctor believe that going home isn’t the best option after surgery, our inpatient therapy option is for you. We will work directly with the hospital, your doctor, and your insurance company to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to rehab, and rehab to home.

Everything at Core is designed to return you to your best level of health and get you back home as quickly as possible. Individualized attention and personalized therapy plans help make that happen.

Plan Your Rehab Before Surgery: If you know you're having knee, hip or other surgery, 
call us or stop by prior, take a tour and get your questions answered. Inquire about
​pre-booking a room for your stay so your after-surgery care is set.

Common Questions

What to Expect

If you choose us, we’ll do the leg work for you to ease your transition from the hospital to our facility; your sole focus will be healing and getting stronger. Our therapists will work with you to determine a care plan that fits your needs, condition, age, and activity level. We won’t rest until you're back to your independent life.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, pajamas, a robe, slippers, toothbrush/toothpaste, personal grooming items and anything you might want on a daily basis. Your family can do your laundry or we can do it for you. We have movies to watch and actives you can choose to participate in while you’re not in therapy, or you can bring your own entertainment. You may also bring things that make your room feel more like home: pictures, quilts, flowers, etc.

What Will You Do While You're Here?

You’ll participate in your personal therapy program and keep up with daily activities (dressing, grooming, reading the paper, however you prefer to spend your time). You may choose to participate in individual or group activities we offer. undoubtedly, you'll make new friends among our wonderful team members who work to make your stay pleasant and productive. Meals can be taken in your room, or in the main dining room. Our kitchen will provide a variety homemade meals and desserts. 

Returning Home

When its time to go, we’ll work with you, your family, and your doctor for a smooth transition back home. 
If continuing therapy is needed, our outpatient therapy option can help you to continue your recovery.